Moon Talk with Sozo Talk Radio & SpiritWars

A fun and though-provoking interview tossing around the possibility of the space race from a layman’s perspective, based on the Wagging the Moondoggie series by late author and researcher David McGowan.


Click here to listen to the entire Moondoggie series and draw your own conclusions.

We’re aware that this is a controversial and sensitive topic, and mean no disrespect to consenting points of view. That said, we make no apology for the truth, whichever side it may rest. At the very least, this is one entertaining read/listen and the unvarnished truth is almost always way stranger than fiction.

Visit the Center for an Informed America website and please consider a purchase or donation to posthumously support Dave’s research, now curated in capable hands of his family.

Thanks for stopping by as always.

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